About Lawyer Ana Pirlac

Private legal practice Pîrlac Ana was established by the Decision of the Suceava Bar no. 6/17.01.2013 and operates on the basis of the Law 51/1995 on the organization and the practice of the lawyer’s profession, the Statute of the Lawyer’s Profession and the Lawyers’ Code of Ethics in the European Union. The activity of the practice is organized and coordinated by the qualified lawyer Ana Pîrlac, enrolled in the Charter of fully qualified lawyers within the Suceava Bar, by the Decision of the Suceava Bar no. 4 / 17.01.2013. Lawyer Ana Pîrlac attended the Faculty of Law at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi and graduated in 2009. Within the same faculty, she attended Masters Studies in the field of Criminal Sciences, which she graduated in 2011. She was admitted to the profession of Lawyer through the Decision of the Suceava Bar no. 152 / 22.10.2009 as a trainee Lawyer, and as a result of the training and improvement at the National Institute for Lawyers' Training and Development, in 2013, she became a fully qualified lawyer. Lawyer Ana Pirlac exercises her profession guided by the principles of legality, freedom, independence, autonomy and professional secrecy, fundamental principles of the profession of Lawyer. In the professional activity, the Lawyer Ana Pîrlac insists, by all legal means, on achieving free access to justice, for a fair trial settled within a reasonable time, irrespective of the nature of the case or the quality of the parties. Lawyer Ana Pîrlac exercises her profession in order to promote and defend the legitimate rights, liberties and interests of natural and legal persons, public and private law. Lawyer Ana Pîrlac fulfills with her conscientiousness, honor and professional probity the obligations towards the client in relations with individuals, public and private authorities and institutions, other legal entities, other Lawyers, as well as in her relationship with the public in general. Probability, fairness, sincerity, loyalty, and confidentiality are the essential elements in customer relationships provided by the legal profession, to which Lawyer Ana Pirlac adheres with rigor.
The most important thing is to not stop asking questions.
(Albert Einstein)

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